Vaccinated for a Breakthrough!

Looking at the words on my picture would lead one to scratch their head, scrunch their face, or even shrug one’s shoulder, I know it did for me. Yes, back in February of 2021 I rolled up my sleeve and took the vaccination shot like a big girl. As a matter of fact, my parents (lovingly called my Senior & my Citizen) did as well.

Fast forward, recently, my mom started feeling blah, eating very little, lethargic, out of sorts. Those feelings progressed over days to labored breathing while simply moving from one room to the next. After several days of this, it was apparent a trip to the ER was mandatory. Her initial exam revealed an irregular heartbeat, faster than someone in her age group. The doctors felt she was there as a matter of the heart. Later, in a happenstance kind of way, the nurse said he needed to swab her for COVID, more so for procedure, not speculation, surely, he’s thinking “she’s vaccinated”. Well, that test came back positive for COVID-19.

The next morning, my dad and I were tested, yep, POSITIVE. My heart sank, I picked it back up, thanked God over and over, why? Because I’m vaccinated! My dad and I never had a single symptom, the toughest part for us was quarantining. My mom had a brief 4-day stay in the hospital, basically to monitor her heart rhythm. She’s home now with a robust appetite, breathing normally, with absolutely no sign of the intrusion of the virus.

I’ve not advocated vaccinations, I knew it was an apparent choice for me, and thankfully my entire family. No, the vaccination didn’t prevent me from getting COVID-19, but I believe it sure put up a good fight. And though my mom dealt with it a little more harshly, she bounced back, reminding me of that childhood saying, “I’m rubber, you’re glue, everything you throw on me bounces off and sticks back to you” that’s what the vaccination will do!

2-things about the vaccine. 1) it is not foolproof, you can still become infected with the virus. 2) as the doctor said, thank God we had the vaccine; it stopped the possible progression of the virus taking over. Are you vaccinated? If not, you may want to weigh in a little more, I’m a testimony with a breakthrough! It's said that as a breakthrough case, I have super-antibodies, I'm not sure about that, I will continue to mask up, I'm so excited to return to boutique!


  • Janiett Barnes

    Thank you Mel for sharing and letting people KNOW even though you’re vaccinated that Covid is STILL out here! I’m EVEN MORE thankful to Almighty GOD for bringing your mom, dad and yourself through what could’ve been OH SO MUCH WORSE🙏🏽

  • Georgette Johnson

    Praising the Lord that you and your family are OK! Thanks, for the helpful information. Jet🙏

  • Mia Ferdinand

    Thank God you all are Well! And thank you for sharing! We hear so many perspectives in the media and elsewhere, it’s great to get 1st hand accounts from a trusted source who’s actually experienced it. ❤ your transparency…such a blessing.

  • Francine Baker

    Thank you Mel for your transparency. I’m glad you and your parents are doing well. Great information for the vaccinated and those who are not.

  • Beverly Mims Taylor

    I’m so glad, and thank God that you and your parents are well! This vaccine is not without it’s risks. A very wise physician told me many years ago that medicine is not an exact science. Throughout my life, I’ve seen that bear true. I thank God for His grace to keep us while we journey through this unfamiliar land.

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