Introducing Team EEC - Pam

As Essential Elements grows beyond Chicago, we thought it would be best to reintroduce you to the marvelous team of people that keep Essential Elements running like a well-oiled machine. Next up, Pam!


If you live in Chicago, you likely know Pam because everyone knows Pam. She is our Essential Maven Influencer, she loves Chi-Town stepping, and we consider her our resident foodie. Pam fit into the Essential Elements team like a missing puzzle piece. 


When she isn't modeling for our Tik Tok, Pam enjoys spending time with her grands, cuddling with her puppy - Nipsey, and enjoying the view from Chicago's most exclusive rooftops. 


Pam H - Team Essential Elements


How long have you been with Essential Elements? About 5-6 months, however, it seems like longer. In a good way! 

Who is your favorite Essential Elements designer? Wow, that's a tough one. I've enjoyed every single purchase however I would say my first purchase of Trippen and Papucei shoes. 

Through the years, what's been a style staple in your closet? I like items that are a bit edgy and unique. I also love the basics, you can always dress them up with funky jewelry or accessories. 

How did you create your signature "Pam Punch" ? Old, old family secret! 

If someone wrote a biography about you, what would be the title?  Truth Be Told 

What was your quarantine splurge purchase or new quarantine hobby? Well... shoes! I couldn't stop buying them. Thanks to the lockdown, I also learned how to shop for furniture online. I'm still learning, but I'd rather sit, feel, and touch now that stores are open. 



Any time we step outside to shoot Pam, she keeps heads turning whether they are driving by or walking by. This particular gentleman was walking his dog and he was enthralled, he even went to get his camera from his car and snapped a couple of pics with Pam and his pooch! 


pam in vanite

Pam his the Pooch with the complementary looks! 

Pam + pooch


  • Regina Crenshaw

    Pam is my birthday twin 9.21! Met Pam through Cheryl PICKENPACK ! We go way back at the hair salon! I love them both!

  • Lee Johnson

    I love Pam. She really represents EE well. She is stylish, fun and great sales associate.

  • Glenda

    I love Pam…her down to earth personality is so refreshing when I visit the store, I look forward to seeing her.

  • Robin Peecher

    That’s my cousin, simply Beautiful. Keep doing what you do, you are a ray of sunshine 🌞.


  • Glynda

    Pam— Love that dress on you! Not surprise you’re turning heads! 😂 I’m hoping we’ll get another chance to get Pam’s Punch recipe again as the holidays roll back around. I misplaced my copy. Thank you!

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