Introducing Team EEC - Olympia

As Essential Elements grows beyond Chicago, we thought it would be best to reintroduce you to the marvelous team of people that keep Essential Elements running like a well oiled machine. Next up, Olympia! 


She's fairly new to the team and she fits in like a missing puzzle piece. Olympia was added to the team in the fall of 2020 to serve as our accessory and plus-sized model. Before stepping in front of the camera for Essential Elements, Olympia had never modeled before. 

When Olympia isn't serving body for POP Element, she can be found rescuing kittens on the Southside of Chicago, making homemade dog treats, and tweaking recipes for her food blog. 


 Who is your favorite designer to model? "Alembika, there is always something for everyone. " 

How long have you been with team Essential Elements? " 9 months." 

What is your wardrobe staple? " I'm a huge fan of mixing and matching. Simple, neutral interchangeable tops and bottoms are easy for all occasions. "

Who inspires your style? "Most HBCU grads, brunch ladies and social media influencers. " 

You have the weekend off, what's on the agenda? "A weekend off means traveling, eating good food, seeing the sights and crossing things off my bucket list." 

A fashion quote to live by?  " Dress your body in shapes." 


  • Pamela Hollins

    Olympia, I love working with you. It’s great to work with young ladies who are so inspirational and moderating. I can’t wait to hear all about your dog food recipes! I’ve been making dog food as well and would love to get some tips! Please share.

  • Glynda

    Love you, Olympia!! You’re a beautiful addition to Team Mel!!!!

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