Happy New YOU!

Each year I have attempted to make new year resolutions, I fail miserably. It seems to be the general consensus of the populace to do the same, by February 1st many of the news outlets are speaking about it, folks are exclaiming it all over social media, that the many resolutions that people make have gone under with a return to eating junk food, smoking, gossiping, or whatever one's particular commitment was.

Resolutions are hard to keep, that's the very reason I don't make them, I think because they're too regimented, nicely packed in a box that says "all or nothing". Me, I prefer goals. As I expressed in our recent 2017 kickoff staff meeting, goals are to be pursued, and not within a certain time frame. You must leave room for error, room for a different road to the goal, taking one-step at a time.

My 2016 goal was to have our e-commerce website up and running, goal accomplished just in a nick of time, the last week of the year. But, because it was a goal, I would not have felt defeated it if it launched the first week of January 2017, the goal doesn't change, only the road to get there. Happily, a hard working team of people made it happen, now there's goals inside the goal to contend with, and we will, one-step at a time.

My 2017 goal is one that I feel we all need, to have more ME time. I had an awakening experience recently when my staff surprised me with a limo picking me up at home with three of my BFF's inside, whisking me off to the Kohler Spa for the most amazing hot stone therapy massage I've ever had in my life, well, it was the only hot stone massage I've ever had, but I can't imagine one being better! While I was on the table, it ran through my mind over and over that I must, I will, I have to do more of this in 2017, it's a goal like no other.

I encourage you to do the same, it may not be regular massages, but anything that takes you inward, anything that clears your mind taking you away from the daily grind. Visit museums, an arboretum, a solo date with yourself to a movie and dinner, walks on the lake, just to name a few. I'm also excited to start yoga this month, not knowing what to expect but my mind is made up with expectancy of my body catching up.

So for 2017, be GOAL driven, you'll feel great by February with no worries of a failed resolution. And in all things, be grateful for the process, every new day with a chance to get it right. Start a Grateful Jar adding a little note of a special blessing, accomplishment, funny moment, or whatever you may be grateful for each day. On December 31, take the time to read each little note, you're sure to have a WOW moment!

Pickup a big jar from a local craft store, add a small note of something you're especially grateful for each day of the year, read them all on December 31st for guaranteed happy feelings!


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