Black & White - Always Right!

I learned a new fashion term recently, "neck breaker", the updated term for head turner so to speak. That's exactly how I feel about black and white clothing, when worn right, the look can be a neck breaker! Essential Elements is bursting with black and white clothing and even shoes this season. All of our major designers delved hard into designing fabulousness in black and white, including Alembika, Igor Dobranic, and a beautiful 100% cotton collection from Snapdragon.

Alembika white dot on black tailored jacket, paired with bold black dot on white pants.

The contract of black and white always draws the eye in, and when done in stripes, dots, and patterns, the illusion is so beautiful and forgiving on the body, hiding those flaws and problem areas. And, always have fun, mixing patterns and prints, being careful to not overdo it.

Alembika's puff sleeve top is adorable with coordinating big dot pants.

There is a strong emphasis on dots and stripes, so whimsical and fun and even better, it never goes out of style nor to the back of your closet! Consider mixing small dots with big dots, stripes with dots, it's all fashion fun!

Snapdragon is a new label for us, the entire collection is black and white! The artistry of the prints are simply adorable, as pictured in the cute ensemble above. If you just can't do the print thing up and down, by all means, wear a solid bottom to break it up a bit; I love the idea of keeping the print or pattern on top because that's the first focal point.

What's even more fun when wearing black and white is to add a pop of bold color! Any color that's bold, bright, and vibrant works. Loving the idea of yellow, but royal blue, red, pink, even purple works well.

An Annemieke Broenink necklace is a happy option to add color to black and white, her yellow pop dots is eye-catching and a definite conversation starter.


Monies necklace in Ebony and Clear is always a winner!

Monies Ebony & Clear earrings paired with black and white is the ultimate fashion statement!

Monies new black & white stripe pendant necklace.


All I can say about this shoe is YESSSSSSSSSSS!


So to all my fashion stars out there, add some black and white to your spring wardrobe this season, you can't go wrong if you want to be a "neck breaker"! Make it fun, add some color if you like, make it simple with a single piece, or pull together a well coordinated print all over look, but whatever you do, know that black and white is always right!

Love ya!


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  • Sandra Gaither

    I love all this black and white selections. What is available and how much? I am very interested.

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