A People United

I, like many are saddened and are in disbelief as the United States of America enters 33-days of the longest governmental shutdown in our history. Political ploy, yes, maybe. Political muscle, could be. A stalemate chess game, very much possible. But, are families going without food, businesses loosing revenue, Peter and Paul have run out, mortgages due, car notes behind, the basic necessities of life being unfulfilled, YES, and yes again! I take no political stance to this fiasco, but where is the humanity, our love and concern for our fellowman, how in the world can this be allowed to happen?

In a recent email to our customers, I made a request to hear from our furloughed government employees, the stories were oh-so-sad, from a divorced mom who not only isn't working, her ex-husband who is also a government employee is not working. Another single mom of 3 forced to still work without income to put gas in her car to make it to work.

I believe this is a time for us to look deep within, to put our hand in our neighbor's hand. It may not be much, but we offered $50 gift cards to Aldi's for our furloughed customers to at least put some food on the table. What seemed so small to me, brought tears of joy to a recipient and big shows of gratitude from others. I thank God, everything good and perfect is a gift from him. As long as this goes on, I will rely on the resources and power of God to turn it around for someone's good. I am forever grateful to amazing customers who shop with us from across the nation, allowing us to pay it forward. And now, one of my vendors has offered to pitch in to buy gift cards, there is hope, lets keep it alive!

If you are in the Essential Elements customer database and you're furloughed from the shutdown, please contact us at eelements@sbcglobal.net.

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