Web Babies!

Since the inception of our website, we’ve not only had thousands of visits, but the stork has been visiting too! 3-months in, our e-comm team member, Di’Ana revealed that she was expecting. It came as a surprise, especially because we were giving birth to a new baby, our dot com! Well, the stork was even busier, 3-months after D’s announcement, Jackie revealed that she had some news, yep, she was with baby! Timing was everything, they were able to be on maternity leave at different times, we didn't skip a beat.

2017 was the year of the baby for us, both D’s son, Liam and Jackie’s daughter, Maison are pure joy to our entire team, they’re our web babies. Being young moms, oftentimes they would have babies in tow while at work, both nursed and I wanted them to bond with their newborns. Well, those babies are both over a year old, but, it looks like the stork isn’t finished. Our website model, Brigid is now with baby! She’s looking forward to adding a 3rd child to her family, and we’re excited for her! Maybe, just maybe she will add a girl to her growing family of boys.

So, here we are, it’s 2019, our Spring collections will begin to roll in, and we are in need of a contemporary model to work alongside Michelle, our seasoned model. If you’re reading this and think that you have all the attributes we need…

  • Charisma
  • Confidence
  • Poise
  • Fun personality
  • Not camera shy
  • Naturally loved by the camera
  • Shapely
  • Love the Essential Elements brand
  • Available at least 1-weekday per week
  • Timely
  • Patient


Send us an email (no phone calls, no personal appearances), inclusive of a full body picture, your dress size, shoe size, and available days. If our team is further interested, we will contact you for a chat about how it works and possibly getting you in for some test shots. Deadline for submission is February 8, 2019, email submissions to info@shopeechicago.com

We’re so excited about the upcoming season, I love the lushness of fall, but there’s nothing like easy-breezy fun summer clothing!

Maison hanging out in the studio with her giant teddy bear Ralph!


Liam giving our model Michelle some pose suggestions!

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