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Sometimes the best team members come by way of referrals. Several years ago, I was looking for sales/merchandising help; a customer called with a reference, the rest is history! Jackii joined Team Essential Elements, working for 3-years. She later moved on for a new opportunity. Well, a little over 5-years ago, when I made the leap into creating an e-commerce site, I solicited her to help launch the site, inviting her back to the team.

Her talent and wit keeps me going, she's adored by the entire team for her uncanny humor and keen knowledge on so many things, especially all things "millennial'. I am always impressed at how she balances motherhood with a very fast paced career and the yearning to do more. I posed some questions to Jackii, enjoy her candid responses!

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Favorite pastime? Sleep. As a mom of toddlers, I'll never get enough sleep.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be? South Africa. The beaches, the weather. The food. The culture. If I never see another piece of snow in my life, it will still  be too soon.

Your favorite Essential Elements designer? My fave EE designer changes with the weather. I'm currently swooning over the knits from Rundholz. United Nude’s platforms are made for walking so when the weather breaks I’ll fall in love like its the first time.

Favorite food? LOL! I live to eat. Food is the centerpiece to some of my favorite memories and like children, I have no fave.

What would people be most surprised to know about you? People would be surprised to know that I delivered my son, Wolfe, on my own at home. From the first contraction to cutting the cord was less than an hour, I had a precipitous labor. Dad and I were in such a state of shock that the only pic we could think to take is blurry and shows dad squatting in position to catch baby Wolfe like one would catch a football.

What's your greatest accomplishment? My greatest accomplishment is surviving year 1 of quarantine with 3 kids at home driving me mad. 

What do you enjoy most about work? Shopping, but not for me, for the mavens. I enjoy the buying aspect of work, I love curating collections. I also enjoy styling the photo shoots. Since moving to the website, I miss my days of doing displays and visual work. So I get to play dress up once a week with the models.

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  • Donna Hammond

    Jackii is cool people! I know, because she’s family! Thanks for sharing, Mel!

  • Kathy Irving

    Jackii, it’s an absolute pleasure knowing you, first as a customer, then as a colleague, and forever as an EE customer. Your pleasant, witty and creative personality make you the “real deal”! Keep being you!!!

  • Loretta Williams

    You’ve always have been genuine, kind, and refreshing since the day we met at EE and have not changed. Don’t get to see you often but glad to know you’re still there. May the best of life continue to bless you and all your future endeavors.

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