Introducing Team EEC - Timia

As Essential Elements grows beyond Chicago, we thought it would be best to reintroduce you to the marvelous team of ladies that keep you dressed to the nines. 

Our Style Maven, Timia.

If you've ever visited the store or even called in, then you know Timia. She's got the most infectious laugh, loves Pepsi, comfortable shoes and she adores Essential Elements Mavens. 

Timia has been with Essential Elements Chicago for just over 10 years. She knows the sales floor, warehouse and stock room like the back of her hand. She is always eager to lend a helping hand no matter the task. 

Timia has a fashion and merchandising background and dreams of one day  immersing herself into all things New York Fashion Week. 

Your favorite Spring Step or All Black shoes... Timia had a hand in picking them out as an assistant shoe buyer. 

Here are a few more fun facts about Timia, or as we lovingly call her - Mimi. 


Favorite Essential Elements designers: Vocal, Alembika, Bryn Walker. 

Best season for fashion: "Summer is the best season for fashion. I love the bold and bright colors. If you're going to make a statement, it will be during the summer. " 

3 must haves in your purse: "Cell phone is the most important followed by Kleenex and my wallet. Gotta keep it simple! " 

What's a typical off day? "Relaxing with a glass of red wine."

If you could change your name, what would it be and why? 

"Sade, I love her music and her voice is one of a kind. Sade could go through a rocky relationship, write a song about it and make me feel like that was my relationship." 


Glamour is beyond beauty and beyond age. It's like sex appeal. 
Carolina Herrera - 






  • Pauline Pearson

    Tania is always welcoming me with a smile and knows my style.
    She always on point with a color coordinated outfit for me. I greatly appreciate her professional sales approach getting to know a person’s style, especially when one is appetite as myself.
    Thank you Tamia and the entire EE team.

  • Eleanor

    I LOVE Timia. She knows me and my body, including my new corona curves, and tells me yeah or nay when I pick up an item to purchase. No matter what your mood is Timia is going to make sure you shop with a smile and a laugh, and leave with items that you are going to adore.

  • Roslynne

    Timia has been the absolute best customer rep. She is always helpful and honest and has great suggestions!
    Love her and Essential Elements 😘❤️

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