Introducing Team EEC - Tori

As Essential Elements grows beyond Chicago, we thought it would be best to reintroduce you to the marvelous team of people that keep Essential Elements running like a well oiled machine. 

If you shop online or read our weekly newsletter, then you know Tori. She became the face of Essential Elements quite unexpectedly. Our former model, Bridgid, was preparing for maternity leave and we were searching feverishly for a temporary stand in model. Bridgid suggested we reach out to her cousin who has an extensive background in the industry.  The rest is history. 

Tori loves all things glam, she is passionate about homeschooling her daughter and she is sure to keep us laughing behind the scenes at the weekly web photoshoots. 

Essential Elements Chicago's Model, Tori. Tori is wearing Alembika


Who is your favorite Essential Elements designer? " Rundholz, their sizes are free form and the designs make you feel effortlessly chic. " 

How long have you been with Team Essential Elements ? "About 2 years" 

What is your wardrobe staple? "Good skin and a great pair of jeans." 

Who inspires your style ? "My mood." 

You have the weekend off, what's on the agenda? "Getting the car cleaned. It just starts my week off right."

A fashion quote to live by -  "You are seen before you are ever heard!" 



  • Pamela Hollins

    Tori, you really make the clothes come alive! Your smile and cute looks are adorable. I also love to see you in color. With your skin tone that glows. We feel happy while shopping online!

  • Glynda

    We love you, Tori!! Glad you’re part of Team Mel!!! Please share your skin-care routine. Your skin glows. Great skin makes any outfit look amazing. 😊

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