Introducing Team EEC - Ashlei

As Essential Elements grows beyond Chicago, we thought it would be best to reintroduce you to the marvelous team of people that keep Essential Elements running like a well-oiled machine. Introducing, Ashlei.


Before our stock room began busting at the seams with yummy new fall styles, our Essential Elements ambassador gave notice that she was beginning a new life in Texas. In September, Jeff and I hosted a model call at the web studio in search of a new EE Ambassador and 10 minutes before we were set to lock up - a  bubbly and fresh-faced Ashlei walked in. We fell in love with her and she’s been an absolute joy to style during our weekly photoshoots. 

Ashlei is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc and a graduate of the University of Michigan. She lived in Shanghai, China, and loves to travel. 

How long have you been with Essential Elements? I’ve been modeling for 3-4 months now. 


Who is your favorite Essential Elements designer? I would have to say this far, Spring Step is my favorite brand. I truly love their signature pieces and their Quappa Boot was an unexpected delight to model. 


Who or what inspires your style? My style is very diverse. I lived abroad for a few years and it completely changed my perception of style. So honestly different cultures influence my style. 


You have the weekend off, what’s on the agenda? I like to relax and schedule everything for the upcoming week. I own a small vegan handbag line called Blac Suga Co. so it takes up most of my weekend. 


What’s your favorite season? I love winter and spring. I was born on the first official day of winter and I just love the holiday season. 




  • Jacqulyn George

    Hi Soror,
    What an amazing interview!!! Winter is my favorite time of year as well.
    You look fabulous 💚🌸💚🌸

  • Glynda

    Welcome, Ashlei! I’m a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I attended the University of Michigan for grad school. My chapter, Delta Psi Omega, works with U of M’s Beta Eta Chapter quite often. You’re an awesome addition to Mel’s Amazing Team!

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